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Setting the record straight - SkullPhil Talks


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Setting the record straight

This is a long post if you wish to skip to the conclusion, please press button to the right

So Far…

As many of you will be aware; there has been a national flurry of reactions following Tommy Robinson’s arrest. Following what happened; I too am guilty of posting updates, Tweets and even Episode 6 of my podcast echoed my views on this subject.

So what is it that happened?

During a court case; Tommy was arrested and following the arrest was taken to court and ultimately prison. That is basically my basic and simple view of what happened. If you notice that description there are no personal views on any aspect of what happened, am I coming across ‘Far-Right’ yet? (I will ask this again…)

Let’s Get Personal

Ok so let’s now start adding what I specifically felt and added to my reporting…

Although I briefly touched upon the reason for Tommy’s arrest; this was only to serve as a premise for the main objective of what I then went on to cover in much more depth. I must add at this point that I was very careful not to go into depth on the ‘crime’ but, my main and 95% focus was on the overall event, even to the point that I stated “it’s not about the man, it’s about the system”

The Attack Begin’s

Facebook Warrior’s

Following me starting one of my very first Facebook ads for the SkullPhil products, I was almost instantly surprised how my designs were received. Initially, there was many nice comments, shares, and likes… Ok, there was a little banter; but, anyone that knows me will tell you that I am a lover of banter as it has been a coping mechanism for some of my own inner battles.

However; there is a bitter taste to this happy place I found myself in… I began getting messages calling me ‘Far-Right’ (what do you think so far?) and also a Nazi. Now, I can understand that I was posting design’s that was ‘Pro-UK’ and ‘Pro-England’… I am eternally sorry, but I am English after all.

So at first, I was happy to try and engage with these people and have an open dialogue with them just to find they did not care… they had made an opinion on me within 1 picture and a few posts.

Ok, so I was a little naive and should expect to have some bad with the good, but due to some of my challenges; I sometimes do not see or relate the same as others to certain situations.

I am ‘Far-Right’ and they have proof…

Because I don’t believe in hiding my weaknesses and also to be open to the many positive guys and girls I decided to explain publically what was happening.

SkullPhil Talks I can handle normal comments and criticism, but getting PM’s calling me a Nazi and saying I am going to get banned is just not normal.

On my website, I explain my background… I am currently going through some mental health issues and also have been diagnosed as on the Aspergers scale but not until I turned 33. The shirts etc are from my illness as doing things creative keeps my mind busy, as for price all I do is round them up from what the print company charges me so if it is £9.23 I round up to £9.99.

Anyways I am pretty new to all this and it has been a learning curve.
Thank you to the kinder people and be happy.

When get to know you a little

Almost instantly; once I had explained myself a little, the general feeling returned to that of positivity and I feel people understood me a little better.

However… Just like clockwork a small few then declared to me that they have “done a little research” on me. Apparently, because of my coverage on Tommy Robinson and some of the sources I had used (there was a media blackout on the topic, I was desperate), I had won my title back as ‘Far-Right’.

Now before I try to explain how this makes no sense, I would like to state for the record once and for all…

I am on the Centre Right of politics NOT Far Right

Ok I think that might be big enough for the judgemental people… (one last time… do you think I am far-right?)

Evidence of Stupidity

Right, now I will very briefly explain my defense on claims of being ‘far-right’…

  • Whenever I talk about Right or Left, I have mentioned that they are no longer the same as what we used to understand them as
  • I have stated I do not agree or condone any far-right groups or previous ‘parties’
  • When talking about Tommy – I made it as clear as I could, MY ISSUE IS NOT THE MAN but, the use of a D-Notice to silence any reporting or coverage of a citizen being taken from the streets
  • I have said during Episode 6 several times many of these points
  • I have stated during Episode 6 that I do not agree or support all of Tommy’s thoughts and opinions, some maybe but not all
  • I have covered how people are happy that the ‘Left’ is a spectrum, but if you are right… well people presume you are a newborn Hitler

I am going to stop now as I will take forever haha.

Mental Health… Yet again…

Now, very quickly I will state… I have depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts/actions and was diagnosed as potential Asperges.

(The Asperges has to be potential as I have done the short initial test and was confirmed as a yes, but the actual full test has a waiting list for some time. Also as you may understand each professional I see gives me completely different diagnoses… including “You can’t have depression, because you work” WHAT A TOSSER!)

If you wish to hear my story so far with my mental health, please listen to Episode 3 – Behind Blue Eye’s.

Conclusion (Finally)

Ok so…

I do not know everything or understand everything… I am learning just like everyone else. My political view is fluid from right to left to right; but, in moderation very much like many UK citizens. I am not ‘Far-Right’ and do not condone the Neo-Nazi of Fascist beliefs.

I do have mental health problems and sometimes I am guilty of miss interpreting some social interactions. Also as I have stated several times… I HAVE NO FILTER and this sometimes will mean I can come across as arrogant or as none empathetic, sadly I can not control many of these issues.

All I want to do is make some people smile, keep doing creative things such as web building, podcasting, designing etc… I happily invite YOU into my life, not to push a political message but because I know what it is like to be alone and I mean truly alone. I have been in the position where I have been at rock bottom, thinking none stop about suicide, crying like a small child and having no one in life to even reach out to.  I say often in my podcast’s if you have any mental health issues or even if you just feel down Get in Touch! I don’t want to be everyone’s friend, I just don’t want anyone being in some of the places I have; if I can help stop it.

I Lied

Do you think I am Far-Right?

Take Care MOFO and Welcome to the Family

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